Chang "Chinfoo" Goodex, born in July 2001.

Jasbro's Productions (2013-present)Edit

He became part of the Jasbro's Productions shows in 2013, when SB-TLS started, but he later quitted after Season One to work on LEGO Jasbre as a writer, later that got cancelled in 2014, so in season 3, he returned to write again, and wrote a short called "Bad Robot" before his official return.


SpongeBob - The LEGO Square: (2013-14)Edit

  1. "New Home" - Story editor
  2. "Best Friend" - Story editor
  3. "Super Food!" - Co-Writer, Director, Story editor
  4. "Fired!" - Teleplay, Story editor
  5. "SpongeBoxer" - Co-Writer, Musical director
  6. "Trapped on Christmas!" - Story editor
  7. "Book of Tears" - Story editor
  8. "Underwater New Years" - Writer
  9. "SpongeTrip U.S.A." - Writer, Musical director, Co-executive producer
  10. "PaTrip U.S.A." - Writer, Musical director, Co-executive producer
  11. "Past Plankton!" - Writer, Musical director, Co-executive producer
  12. "A Walk In Time!" - Musical director, Co-executive producer
  13. "New Phone" - Director
  14. "Heart Attack!" - Director
  15. "Food Access" - Writer, Director
  16. "April Fools!" - Co-writer, Story editor
  17. "Land Friend" - Story editor
  18. "A New Neighbor" - Story editor
  19. "EasterBob" - Co-writer, Story editor
  20. "The Invention" - Co-writer, Story editor
  21. "Mother of the Year" - Story editor
  22. "Boombox" - Writer, Story editor
  23. "Plankton's Last Straw!" - Director

LEGO Jasbre: (2014, N/A)Edit

  1. "Return Of The Sedebe!" - Writer
  2. "The Funeral Of A Mom" - Writer, Director

The Adventures Of LEGO SpongeBob: (2016-present)Edit

  1. "The Customer" - Writer
  2. "Plankton's Plan" - Animation Writer

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