Jonas "Joey" Bond, born June 26, 2002, is the creator of TAOLSB, and the executive producer. President of TheJasbre202, Jasbro's Productions, and former-president of Brick Studios.

Jasbro's Productions (2012-2015)Edit

He started his own company & youtube channel after his brother's (Sam Bond) youtube channel was taken down (Jasbre200) due to a copyright strike. He later went on to create many shows that lasted around 1-3 years on the channel such as: Minecraft, Powder Game, Survival In Minecraft, Cars: The Series, Lego SpongeBob (lasted to 2015, on a hiatus) and SB-TLS. Alot of those shows were cancelled after a month, even a planned series called "News Weekly" is still unsure if it should air in fall 2016. (originally 2013, spring) After SB-TLS was cancelled, he had no shows to make, and only uploaded random videos. Jasbro's Animations was animating all SB-TLS & LSB at the time, with John Crosak as president.

Brick Studios & Shutdown / Cancellation (2015-2016)Edit

He founded a new animation company called Brick Studios [in August, 2015], to takeover animating the remaining SB-TLS season 2 episodes before it ended, then he officially renewed it to a season 3, which ended up to only having 1 and a half episodes due to the animation becoming worse and worse, and the second season was narrowed down to 15 episodes because of that, and in April, it was official that Brick Studios, was shut down.

The Adventures Of, Jasbro's Animations! (2016-present)Edit

When Brick Studios was shut down, it was shown that Jasbro's Animations (with Stan Stevenson & Seymour Jackson co-presidents) was taking over any future Lego SpongeBob projects and shows animations. The Adventures Of Lego SpongeBob was later announced in mid-April, and Jasbro's Animations will animate the show!


SpongeBob - The Lego Square: (2013-16)Edit

  • EVERY EPISODE! - Writer, Creative Director, Musical Director & Executive Producer & Creator.

The Adventures Of LEGO SpongeBob: (2016-present)Edit

  1. "The Customer" - Storyboard Supervisor, Director, Executive Producer[1]
  2. "Plankton's Plan" - Director


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