Noah Bradford, born 2003, is a writer, creative director, & developer of TAOLSB. He is also the slightly popular YouTuber "Lego Spongy"!

Lego Spongy Productions (2014-present)Edit

Noah started making his YouTube videos at the end of 2014, on his channel "Lego Spongy" and he started his Lego SpongeBob show. He created his "Lego Spongy Productions" company and logo during Season 2, and has only updated the logo once.

Jasbro's Productions (2016-present)Edit

He joined the crew (and still works at Lego Spongy Productions) after doing a review on one of TheJasbre202's "SpongeBob - The Lego Square" videos. He now works on "The Adventures Of LEGO SpongeBob" and "Ren & Stimpy 2016" aka "The Ren & Stimpy Show", as well as all of his other series.


SpongeBob - The Lego Square: (2016)Edit

  1. Bummer Summer - Creative director

The Adventures Of LEGO SpongeBob: (2016-present)Edit

  1. TBA - Writer, Director

The Ren & Stimpy Show: (2016-N/A)Edit

  1. N/A