[[The Customer|]]
Episode Information
The Customer
Season №: 1
Episode №: 1
Airdate: April 17, 2016
Guest(s): Noah Bradford as The Customer
Writer(s): Chang Goodex
Executive Producer(s): Jonas Bond
Animation: Stan Stevenson, John Crosak and Daniel Howardz
Main: Jonas Bond
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"The Customer" is a The Adventures Of LEGO SpongeBob episode from season one. In this episode, Squidward Tentacles hates The Customer..



The episode begins at the Krusty Krab where Squidward is mad at The Customer for unknown reasons (to be explained in another episode) and tells him to leave, which he doesn't so Mr Krabs steps in and tells him to buy something or get out, The Customer wants to buy something.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music
  Troop Movement - Sam Fonteyn [Episode begins.]
  Unknown Track - Nicolas Carr, Jeremy Wakefield and Sage Guyton [End credits.]


  • Chang Goodex, former SB-TLS writer, wrote this short during the first season of SB-TLS, but was never made due to being short.
  • The first video on TheJasbre202 to use the new logo for 2016, and the first to use the new water marks to make it look like real TV.



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