Tyler Sanchez, born 2000 to 2001, is a writer on TAOLSB.

Jasbro's ProductionsEdit

He joined Jasbro's Productions in February, 2016, after joining the SB-TLS crew and becoming a creative director along with Noah Bradford. The show got cancelled after too many delays, and he is currently working on the revival to ren & stimpy and TAOLSB, with the SB-TLS crew and new members.


The Adventures Of Lego SpongeBob (2016-N/A)Edit

  1. "Plankton's Plan" - Writer
  2. TBD

Ren & Stimpy 2016 / The Ren & Stimpy Show: (June 17, 2016-TBD)Edit

  1. "Stimpy's Bathtime" - Writer, Storyboard Artist

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